Experience, they say, is the best teacher. In the early days of your career, you’re still learning the ropes and failures are unavoidable. It’s a fact of life and it will happen because you’re supposed to learn something from it. As time goes by, you should have collected a treasure box of lesson that shall guide you as you venture into something bigger.

Rome was not built in a day

Great things take time. A diamond needs to spend a thousand years beneath the earth before it gains that sparkle. A person is not automatically successful. There’ll be bumps along the way but if you continue on that journey, success is just a stone throw away.

You are your own brand ambassador

No one else can put you in a good light but you and you alone. You cannot expect other people to do the job for you because even if you pay them a huge amount to market you, they cannot be more effective than you are.

Surround yourself with great people

Be with the right kind of people that you know will help you achieve greater heights. In choosing people to work for you, make sure that they have something to contribute to you and not someone who will just be a burden to you. Network with the right persons and forge relationship with them.

Learning is a continuous process

There will never be a point in your life when you can say that you have learned everything there is to be learned. That is not possible unless you are an immortal. There will always be something new to learn and you should be open to this. Learn from books, learn from other people. Nobody has the repository of all knowledge.

Failure is not a hurdle, it’s actually a short cut

Learning from failure actually means shorter time to learn. As we previously said, success takes time but when you fail, your whole system suddenly realizes that you’ve done something wrong and you’re able to zero in on that.

How you manage your time tells how closer you are to your goals

Time is a valuable but a non-renewable resource that should be used wisely. The sooner you accomplish things, the closer you are to success. Procrastination is your enemy, therefore, you should never let it take over you.

Communication is the key to almost any problem

Nothing can be fixed if people are only willing to sit down and talk. Communicating clears things up and prevent any problems.


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