5 Businesses to Start for Under $10,000


Starting your own business with a low cost start up and an assurance that it will earn a good amount of money is quite overwhelming. This article addresses this issue by providing 5 business ideas, what you need, and an overview of how the business works. Read  more Point of Sale App 

1. Resume Service

Professional custom resume writing and documents for job search services continue to flourish in the business industry even up to these days. Although there are already tools available today like computers and word processing program, there are still those who find it difficult to find the perfect words to verbalize their experiences, special skills, and interests that will make them land a job. There are lots of perks of having a resume service business, which includes keeping costs low and work from the comfort of your home with your computer. In addition to resumes, you can expand your business by providing helpful career tips, assisting with LinkedIn profiles,  writing cover letters and thank-you notes and so on.

2. Personal Shopper

You can also earn a great amount of money by providing personal shopping service. This job is very relevant because there are lots of well-heeled people who are too busy or don’t like to shop hire personal shoppers to select gifts for any special occasions. On top of that, personal shoppers are also in demand by interior designers and collectors to rummage through consignment shops, flea markets, garage sales, and antique dealers for collectibles, home and office decor, and things like that. If you love to shop, this is the perfect business for you!

3. Velvet Parking Service

To start a velvet parking service doesn’t need a lot of money, in fact, all you need is a driver’s license, an outgoing friendly personality, and the ability to obtain third-party liability insurance. Velvet parking service is a great part-time idea with excellent profit rates ranging from $50 to $70 per hour. On top of that, well-heeled people provide a generous tip that can really add up to your profit. Read more Buy & Sell POS

4. Music Lessons

You can also utilize your talent in playing musical instruments by providing music lessons and teaching your clients how to play your instrument of choice. Music lessons can be conducted one-on-one or in a group format wherever it may be. This business doesn’t only limit for yourself for you can expand the music lesson service by hiring other talented and experienced musicians to teach clients. Music lesson service is a perfect business that allows you to practice your passion and earn from it.

5. Pet Sitting

Pet sitting service is one of the most unprecedented and in demand service today. Many are now hiring a pet-sitting service to come to their homes and take care of their exotic pets that are difficult to take care of or those pets with chronic health conditions that need intensive care while they are away. This is also a perfect opportunity to expand your business and hire additional pet sitters as more and more people prefer to hire pet sitting service to take care of their beloved pets while they need to be away.


Starting a business does not necessarily requires a lot of money for investments and fancy certification. The only essential you need is to utilize your talents and skills. After that, all you need to do is to start.